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Deck nº 1 of 25 Laminated Star Player Cards nº 1 to nº 25

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Quick Overview

Deck of 25 Fantasy Football Star Player Cards designed by Jean Hubert Rouppillard and made by Comixininos. Both sides of the card are laminated with flexible plastic to provide an extra protection against any kind of liquid and to avoid the card to be folded or damaged. 

This Deck includes the first 25 Star Player Cards: from Star Player Card nº 1 to Star Player Card nº 25.

Make sure with these laminated cards that both you and your opponent have easy and fast access to all the necessary information of each Star Player whenever you need it along the game: Characteristics, Skills, Traits, Special Rules and Gold Pieces to induce. 

The Comixininos logo and the watermarks shown on the image are not printed on the Star Player Cards. They are just shown here to protect the image.   

Measures: 87 mm Long x 57 mm Wide.

Star Player Laminated Cards included in this Set:

Hustar the Yellow Goblin - Card nº 1

Strongroot Yggdralsen Treeman - Card nº 2

Firbolg Slaine Elf Catcher - Card nº 3

Rackt the Ripper Ratmen Blitzer - Card nº 4

Laureliel Springshine Elf Thrower - Card nº 5

Piotr Uncanny Ogre - Card nº 6

Logan Uncanny Halfling - Card nº 7

Brunhilde the Blood Bride Wraith - Card nº 8

Johann Ubermontana Human Blitzer - Card nº 9

Gunir Goldenteeth Dwarf Troll Slayer - Card nº 10

Kahalem the Deceitful Ratmen Gutter Runner - Card nº 11

Eduart Geinther Human Chainsaw - Card nº 12

Zaraya Von Mörder Human Blitzer -Card nº 13

Sir Behemot Evil Warrior - Card nº 14

Strong Zorg Human Blocker - Card nº 15

Maim 'N' Throw Ogre - Card nº 16

Sabrina Bathory Dark Elf Witch - Card nº 17

Holman Longhorn Halfling - Card nº 18

Brok Helldeep Dwarf Runner Skeleton - Card nº 19

Pollux Dioscuri Elf Blitzer - Card nº 20

Castor Dioscuri Elf Thrower - Card nº 21

Warg Bonegnawer Black Orc - Card nº 22

Snorri Motsognirson Dwarf Blitzer - Card nº 23

Poison Meliai Dryad - Card nº 24

Ceyaotl Hiuhtonal Lizard Centaur - Card nº 25

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