If you place an order of 80 EUR or more of purchased items (shipping costs not included), besides the 25 mm Hard Plastic Skill, you will receive as a gift:

• One 3 mm Mini-Magnet and one Magnetic Skill.

• 1 randomly selected Fantasy Football Token made with plastic (Prone, Stunned, No Zone, Rooted...)

• Four random Puzzle Skills and one 32 Round Base. The 4 Puzzle Skills together become a ring around the 32 mm Base.

• One 25 mm Hard Plastic Skill Ring (random color) and one 25 mm Round Base. Please keep in mind that the same rings for 32 mm Round Bases are available at our store.  

The Mini-Magnet has a diameter of 3 mm, fitting perfectly in standard bases. With these Mini Magnets, you can be 100% sure that the Magnetic Skills will not fall during the game!!! You can see here the Magnetic Skills available: Basic Pack and Expansion Pack.

The Puzzle Skills are available at our store. No glue needed, because of their puzzle-connection systemYou will need to combine 4 Skills to complete the whole ring around the 32 mm round base of your miniature. Since no glue is needed, once the game is over you can easily take out the Skills from one miniature and use them for another miniature.

All the Hard Plastic Skills Rings are available at our store. The text of the Skill is stated 4 times in the Ring. That allows both Coaches to easily see the Skill of the miniature from any direction.  


200 EUR OR MORE...

If you place a 200 EUR order, you will get, along with the previous gifts:

• One Wooden Skill Dice made by Meiko, randomly selected among all the Meiko Wooden Dice. This is just an example of one the Wooden Dice you may get.


300 EUR OR MORE...

If you place a 300 EUR order, you will get, along with the previous gifts:


• One Fantasy Football Trophy (around 30 mm height), randomly selected among these Meiko Trophies.

• One Set of 3 White Bombas Block Dice or one Set of 3 Black Bombas Block Dice. 


You can take a look here to know more details of the White Bombas Block Dice.



600 EUR OR MORE...

Finally, if you place a 600 EUR order, you will get, along with the previous gifts:


• Random Rollable Gaming Pitch (with 29 mm squares)



Please take into account that some gifts may be subject to some modifications, depending on the stock that we have for each item included in the Gift set. The total value of the shipped Gift set will be always the same or higher than the value of the gifts stated on the description.     

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