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Expansion Pack 168 Magnetic Skills + 10 Hex Bases - English

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Quick Overview

Expansion Pack that includes ALL THE SKILLS not included in the Basic Pack of Magnetic Skills. Set of 10 Hex Bases + 168 Magnetic Tokens for Skills. You’ll be able to use this item for any Fantasy Football game in which the miniatures get extra skills. The item is brand new. The picture shows the item on sale. Figures not included.

Important: with this item, you will receive the 10 Black Hex Bases shown on the second picture. They have a diameter of 32 mm. You can directly glue the miniature on the Hex Base, there is no need of the miniature being previously glued to a 32 mm or 25 mm Round Base. However, if your miniature is already  glued on a 32 mm or 25 mm Round Base, you can also glue the Round Base over the 32 mm Hex Base.          

The 32 mm Hex Bases exactly fit inside the 34 mm squares of the official Pitches.

Each base will be able to show up to 6 Skills, so you’ll be able to use them for both Tournaments and Leagues. Since they’re magnetic, you’ll be able to take out and put them back when you wish. Therefore, you will have total flexibility to make any combination of skills and exchange tokens among the Hex Bases.

The item includes 72 Magnetic White Tokens, that you can use for writing any Skill you need.

The item includes 3 pieces of yellow pressure-sensitive adhesive to paste the Hex Bases to the round bases.

You will also get as a gift 2 Mini Magnets 3 mm wide, in order to supply extra magnetic power. Place one Mini Magnet on each of the sides of the hex base, as shown in the picture. With these Mini Magnets, you can be 100% sure that the Skills will not fall during the game!!! You can get more mini-magnets (Sets of 50 units) if you wish, on sale at our store.

Each set incudes:

10 Hex Bases

72 Magnetic White Tokens

2 Mini Magnets 3 mm wide

3 pieces of yellow pressure-sensitive adhesive

168 Magnetic Skills (text in English) with different color depending on the kind of skill, distributed as follows:

BLACK COLOR (48 General Skills): Frenzy (5 Tokens) Sure Hands (3), Pro (3), Dirty Pl. (3), Dauntless (5), Pass Block (3), Kick Off R. (3), Fend (3), Kick (3), Strip Ball (5), Shadowing (3) Tackle (7) + 2 Tokens for Niggling Injuries.

BLUE COLOR (24 Passing Skills): N. Steel (3 Tokens), H.M. Pass (3), Pass (3), Dump Off (3), Accurate (3), Safe Throw (3), Leader (3) + 3 Tokens for Niggling Injuries.

GREEN COLOR (24 Mutation Skills): Big Hand (2 Tokens), V.L. Legs (2), Claws (4) Distrubing P. (2) Tentacles (2), Foul App. (2), 2 Heads (2), Horns (4), Extra Arms (2) and Pr. Tail (2).

PURPLE COLOR (24 Characteristic Increases and Decreases): ST + 1 (3 Fichas), MA + 1 (3 Tokens), AG + 1 (3 Tokens), AV + 1 (3 Tokens), ST - 1 (3 Tokens), MA - 1 (3 Tokens), AG - 1 (3 Tokens) and AV - 1 (3 Tokens).

YELLOW COLOR (24 Agility Skills): Catch (3 Tokens), Jump Up (3), D. Catch (3), Sneaky G. (3), Sprint (3) Sure Feet (3), Leap (3) and D. Tackle (3).

RED COLOR (24 Strength Skills): Break T. (3 Tokens), Grab (3), Pilin On (3), Strong A. (3), Thick Skull (3), Stand Firm (3) Juggernaut (3) and Multiple B. (3).


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