Flexible Adaptor for 25 mm Round Bases - Blue

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Do you want to use the Mad & Max Skill Markers but your Fantasy Football miniatures are glued in a 25 mm round base and because of that you can not fit them in the Mad & Max Square Bases?

With this Adaptor, the 25 mm round base will become a 32 mm round base and it will perfectly fit in the Mad & Max Square Bases, which as you know are designed to be used with 32 round bases. 

The Adaptor is made with flexible Rubber, in order to guarantee that the ring perfectly wraps the 25 mm round base adapting to its shape and holding it. 

Internal diameter of the Adaptor = 25 mm

External diameter of the Adaptor = 32 mm

Just insert the Adaptor inside the 4 corners of the Square Base (miniature on the right of the picture). After that, you can start placing the Mad & Max Skills Markers in the Square Bases (miniature on the left of the picture)

This item includes one Flexible Adaptor. Miniature shown on the picture not included.

If you wish, you can also get Sets of 5 Adaptors or Sets of 16 Adaptors, also available at our store. There are several colors available!!!

In order to use these Adaptors, you will need the Mad & Max Square Bases and the Mad & Max Skill Markers, also available at our store. 

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