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Meiko Miniatures Available on Comixininos

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 3:16:39 PM Europe/Berlin

Dear Fantasy Football and Blood Bowl gamers,


We’ve got great news for you… MEIKO MINIATURES, the new Fantasy Football manufacturer is already available on Comixininos!!!


Meiko Miniatures is a new brand specialized in Fantasy Football high quality miniatures. You will only find Meiko Miniatures in Comixininos, they are not available in any other online store.  

This new brand has started really strong and the first Meiko miniatures are amazing!!! You will find a Bloodweiser Skaven Girl, a Wood Elf Wardancer Star Player (Jordan Fresh Air), a Thrall Star Player (Aigor the Insane) and a Halfling Chef, among many other great Meiko minis.  


Wardancer Jordan Fresh AirSkaven Bloodweiser Girl


And the most important of all…

Now you can get the great Meiko NURGLE TEAM sculpted by Franarcilla!!!


Nurgle Team

This Team of 12 Players includes 4 Nurgle Warriors, 4 Pestigors and 4 Rotters. None of the players  are repeated, they're all different from each other!

And also on sale, a very original Nurgle Beast: a Mutated Ogre with 2 options of arms (one with Mutation and another one with no Mutation) and 2 Heads. Choose the arm and the head that you like the most!!!

Please click here to see a fantastic video showing all these spectacular Nurgle minis:

Meiko Miniatures Nurgle Team Video

Visit our Fantasy Football Online Store and enjoy these minis!!!

And remember…

They’re only available in Comixininos. ;)

Ups, and stay tuned… Meiko Miniatures is going to release very soon many more great releases.


May Nuffle bless your dice!

Alex Farreres Milanini "Apostol"
Your Fantasy Football Online Store

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Selling the Best Fantasy Football brands since 2010

Monday, December 5, 2011 2:51:39 PM Europe/Berlin


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Mutation Sprues and Modular Teams

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 3:27:20 PM Europe/Berlin

Now available a wide range of mutations, heads and bodies made by Neomics / ffstore.

You can make a complete personalized Chaos / Chaos Pact / Nurgle teams.

Choose the bodies you like, the heads for a more agressive looking and the mutations you need.

A unlimited variations with all the sprues available in our store.

chaos heads


beastmen body

marauder heads 2


Or if you prefer also available Chaos / Nurgle complete teams.


complete team1

complete team 2

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Distribute our Items

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 12:09:26 PM Europe/Berlin



Do you wish to distribute our items in your country? We are looking for distributors in all the European countries, America and Oceania. If you become one of our distributors, you will get a discount of up to 40% over the retail price in several of our items: Mano di Porco Miniatures, Dwarf Block Dice, Magnetic Skills, Travel Mini-BB’s, L.O.S. Kart sculptures... Help us to distribute our great products!


If you want to know our distributor terms and conditions, please contact us. 

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